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Capital market research


Alpha Finance's clients, can access through Alpha Bank Group, one of the best research and investment analysis departments in the market. In recent years the department managed to consolidate its position on the local market as one of the most productive research departments.

The research department issues research reports on the most important companies listed at BVB. In addition the department issues other types of reports, depending of the local market evolution as well as Alpha Finance's clients requires.


Regular reports Company reports Macro reports


Our team constantly tracks the capital market evolution in order to identify the most attractive investment opportunities. In our view, the research reports quality, estimates accuracy as well as the new investments ideas represent the fundaments to attractive returns.

The reports issued by our analysts are based on thorough companies analysis while the opinion expressed by them is founded on the current financial situation of the company as well as its development perspectives. The research department issues strongly fundamented opinions and one of the most accurate estimates in the market.