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Using the ALPHATRADE service

1. Before requesting to open an account, get informed through:
The presentation document of Alpha Finance Romania SA
Executing order policy
Preventing conflicts of interests policy
 2. Ways to open an account:
The account can be opened remotely or at the headquarters of Alpha Finance Romania.
If you choose to open the account remotely, the opening account documents can be transmitted by Alpha Finance Romania through mail or e-mail.
After expressing consent for concluding a contract remotely through signing/stamping the STATEMENT, you will complete, sign/stamp all the necessary documents for opening an account. Please sign everywhere where the client’s signature is requested. Signature specimen sheet is completed with the identification data and signatures of the persons authorized by the client to issue Orders and Transfer Instructions on behalf of the client, but also with the identification data and the signature of the account owner.
Please send all of these documents (in two copies) through mail, with acknowledgment of receipt, to the headquarters of Alpha Finance Romania or you could bring them personally, along with the identification documents, as the case may be, and with proof of depositing the required amount for investments.
ATTENTION! To open an account it is mandatory to provide us with: i) copy of the identification documents, ii) information regarding the bank account, including account statement or stamped check, iii) residency evidence documents.
3. Ways of paying the investment amount: 
•    Cash, through the cashier of any Alpha Bank Romania branch, on the Alpha Finance Romania account:
     IBAN: RO34 BUCU 0410 1717 2511 RO07 opened at Alpha Bank Romania Dorobanti branch
•    Bank transfer, to the account Alpha Finance Romania:
     IBAN: RO34 BUCU 0410 1717 2511 RO07 opened at Alpha Bank Romania Dorobanti branch
The minimum amount necessary to open an investment account is 5.000 RON.
4. Account activation by Alpha Finance Romania
After receiving the necessary documents for opening an account and the confirmation from the bank for the transferred investment amount on the account of the company, you will receive on the e-mail address mentioned in the contract a link which you will access in order to create the trading account. You will establish, personally, the username, the account password and the safety question after which you will complete the account opening procedure. You will receive a new e-mail for activating the account which will contain the account activation link and all the account details including the username, account password (established previously) and the order password (generated by the system) which can be changed anytime through the “Account administration” menu. The order password is necessary for transmitting the orders and the fund transfer instructions or information about depositing funds.
Periodically, the system will require changing these passwords.