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Information security

ALPHATRADE application

Access the ALPHATRADE application only through the website of Alpha Finance Romania.



Access the Alpha Trade app only through the website of Alpha Finance Romania,, not through links from other websites.

  • Never use links that appear on other websites, search engines or from e-mails received;
  • Alpha Finance Romania will never ask you (through e-mail or phone) about your connection data on Alpha Trade. These codes are personal and should not be disclosed to anyone;
  • Choose a password which is not easy to guess, memorize it and store it in a place strictly personal and confidential;
  • Regularly, scan your computer with the latest versions of anti-viruses and anti-spywares in order to trace any spy program which may lead to a poor functioning of the application;
  • Ignore and immediately delete any suspicious e-mail in which confidential data is requested or has links or files attached;

Phishing protection

Fraud attempts through the phishing-type attacks have increased in frequency.



  • Fraud attempts through the phishing-type attacks have increased in frequency.
  • Alpha Finance Romania S.A. will not be transmitting, under any circumstances, e-mails to clients to ask for information regarding:
    - their identity;
    - their account number;
    - application user and/or access password;
    - the number of trades;
    - available cash;
    - identification elements in the Alpha Trade service;
    - any other information regarding financial instruments/availability owned by the client.
  • If you receive such e-mails in which these types of information is requested from you, please:
    - do not answer to those messages;
    - do not access through a click the links transmitted in the e-mails;
    - do not disclose to anyone the access code, no matter who the person is or the context in which you’re asked for it;
    - immediately inform Alpha Finance Romania at the e-mail address: or telephonically:
    • +4 021 455-7206 (Telekom)
    • +4 037 207-7206 (Vodafone)
    • +4 037 475-7206 (Orange)

    Alpha Finance Romania SA

    • +4 031 423-7206 (RDS)
    • +4 037 661-7206 (Telekom)