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Fees and taxes

Alpha Finance charges a trading fee applied to each buying and selling order value executed. The fee will be automatically deducted at the time of the transaction, from the investment account. The trading fee charged by Alpha Finance for trading securities is variable and negotiated at the contract signing.


For trading exclusively through ALPHATRADE web trading platform, the trading fee is 0.6%.


To open and maintain an investment account other costs may occur, mainly resulting from the investment services provided. Such costs may include: Romanian- language translations of documents required for opening the account and presented by the client in a language other than Romanian, getting statements from the Central Depository, bank transfer fees or postal orders costs, etc.. Alpha Finance can help clients obtain these services, the costs being borne by the customer and retained by Alpha Finance from client’s investment account.


Romanian capital market income taxation:

The annual tax due is determined by the tax authorities based on the income statement by applying the rate of 10% on annual taxable net gain. The annual statement on income is filled and submitted to the tax authorities by the 25th of May of the year following the year in which the annual net earnings / annual net loss is achieved.

LEGAL Persons
Romanian legal persons gains from securities transfer on the capital market are part of its taxable income and are calculated in accordance with the Fiscal Code - Law 571/2003 with subsequent amendments.

Taxation of capital market gains of non-residents will be made under the provisions of the Romanian Fiscal Code - Law 571/2003 with subsequent amendments and the Treaty for Avoidance of Double Taxation in the country of origin of the non-resident person.


By the end of February, Alpha Finance Romania annually submits a portfolio performance statement that contains information related to the gain/loss recorded in the previous year, for all customers who have conducted sale transactions.

According to the Fiscal Code, non-resident individuals taxpayers, are required to be fiscal registered. Also they have the obligation to appoint a proxy, with tax domicile in Romania, who will respect the fiscal obligations on behalf of the non-resident individual.